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    • With Workers' Compensation Policy Reporting (WCPOLS) you can report written policies, endorsements and cancellations to either a bureau or directly to a state.
    • Fully integrated with the AGO Workers' Compensation Policy Production System (WCPPS)
    • All transactions in WCPPS automatically generate a record to WCPOLS repository
    • Retrieves, sorts, sequences and outputs policy transactions on a scheduled basis - then transmits data to the appropriate bureaus
    • Policy selection features offer more control over the policies included in a submission
    • Allows companies to communicate via the internet to NCCI and independent bureaus
    • Complies with both the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and independent state bureau electronic formats
    • Like WCPOLS, the AGO Workers' Compensation Unit Statistical Reporting System (WCSTAT) files reports with a state bureau. These reports, however, contain not only policy, but claims information.
    • Compiles and files mandated Workers' Compensation Unit Statistical Reports to state bureaus
    • Complies with NCCI's electronic reporting format and independent state bureau electronic formats
    • Contains all required Unit Statistical Reports date
    • Policy and claims imports from AGO or third party systems
    • Reports are sorted by client code, then segmented into three temporal periods: filing month, due next month, due in two months
    • Submission trial run offers a preview of an actual bureau submission
    • Communicates directly via the internet to the NCCI and independent bureaus
    • The Workers' Compensation Report of Injury (WCROI) supports the automated compilation and filing of mandated Workers Compensation First Report of Injury and Subsequent Report of Injury.
    • Claim Monitoring tool
    • Data Import capability
    • Perform Trial Run before actual submission to verify data
    • Electronic file generated for bureau submission
    • Complies with National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and independent state bureau electronic requirements
  • CMS Section 111 (Non-Group)
    • The AGO Medicare Mandatory Reporting System (MMRS) provides automated compliance with mandatory reporting on Medicare beneficiaries. Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 (‘MMSEA Section 111’) added mandatory reporting requirements for Medicare beneficiaries who receive settlements, judgments, awards or other payments from liability insurance (including self-insurance), no-fault insurance, or worker’s compensation. The AGO MMRS complies with all requirements as detailed in MMSEA Section 111.
    • Allows definition of the Responsible Reporting Entity for which the system is to produce submission files.
    • Submits a list of all claims added since the previous filing to verify if claimants qualify for Medicare/Medicaid Services.
    • Generate submission files for applicable claims from AGO’s Claims Tracking System on the Web (CTWeb) or a customized routine will import from any 3rd party claims system for MMRS processing.


The AGO Bureau Reporting Modules support the automated compilation and filing of mandated data to various reporting bureaus and lines. For WCPOLs and WC Unit Statistical Reports, all independent bureaus and NCCI are supported. Additional support is available for WC First Report of Injury / Second Report of Injury, as well as CMS Mandatory Reporting (Section 111 Non-Group).


  • WCRM is a stand-alone product or can be used as a part of a complete AGO insurance platform. It can also be integrated with your current in-house package or any third party software.
  • Fully integrated with the AGO Workers' Compensation Policy Production System (WCPPS)
  • WCRM is a flexible and can run on a variety of platforms and databases.
  • Full security is maintained at the user and function level
  • Files generated in electronic format eliminating the need for paper submissions and manual tracking.
  • For ISO and MSO bureau statistical reporting, various lines are supported.
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