All Lines Expert Underwriting System

ALEXUS image Are you betting the farm with your current underwriting process?


    • Rules are entered and maintained by business users, not IT staff
    • Entry screens to capture data elements by line of business
    • Work in Progress by Underwriter, option to view work for entire team
    • Security by User and data access level
    • Underwriter Review, for summary of work processed by user
    • Ability to transfer workloads from one user to another
    • Automatic processing capability (MVR ordering, credit/inspection reports
    • Available for any line of business, personal or commercial.
    • Can be interfaced to claims, billing, loss control or any other information needed for underwriting, including risk related data from a source outside of the policy system such as inspections or MVR reports.
    • Underwriter can accept, reject or request additional information before making a decision.

Additional Information


Our All Lines Expert Underwriting System (ALEXUS) is a comprehensive, flexible and easy to use system that streamlines the underwriting process.

ALEXUS is a stand-alone product or can be used as a complete AGO insurance platform. It can also be integrated with your current in-house administration system or third party software.


  • Fields mirror the policy system, so there is consistency in all forms and on all levels.
  • Graphical user interface makes ALEXUS easy to use.
  • Full security is maintained at the user and function level.
  • Manager friendly system makes it easy to transfer workloads among underwriters.
  • Data can be entered from a number of sites.
  • Can run on SQL, Oracle or DB2/AS400
  • Captures data from a wide variety of outside sources.
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