Our software products can be installed as a complete enterprise system, or as individual discrete modules, and can also be integrated with existing legacy systems.


Our All Lines Expert Underwriting System (ALEXUS) is a comprehensive, flexible and easy to use system that streamlines the underwriting process.ALEXUS is a stand-alone product or can be used as a complete AGO insurance platform. It can also be integrated with your current in-house administration system or third party software.


AGO’s Accounting System on the Web (ASWeb) is a comprehensive browser-based program designed to make insurance accounting easier and more efficient. Features-rich, ASWeb handles premium billing, premiums receivable, commission, return premiums payable and reporting. ASWeb is a stand-alone product or can be used as part of a completely in...


The Agency Web Interface is a comprehensive, user friendly web front-end quoting/submission component. This module can be added to allow outside agents to enter, rate and submit insurance applications to the carrier's in-house system, whether that be an AGO policy production system, or third party or legacy system.Access to the front-end is c...

Bureau Reporting

The AGO Bureau Reporting Modules support the automated compilation and filing of mandated data to various reporting bureaus and lines. For WCPOLs and Workers Compensation Unit Statistical Reports, all independent bureaus and NCCI are supported. Additional support is available for Workers Compensation First Report of Injury / Second Report of Injur...


Our Claims Tracking System on the Web (CTWeb) is a comprehensive browser-based program designed to make claims processing easier, and more efficient.The system has two major functions - claims processing and tracking - and allows the user to "flow through" the various stages of the process from entering claims to issuing checks.CTWeb is a sta...


AGO’s All Lines Policy System on the Web (PSWeb) is a comprehensive browser-based component in the suite of AGO Policy Processing Systems. This system enables your users to enter applications, rate, track and administer your Property & Casualty book of business via a browser-based interface. PSWeb can be used stand-alone or as p...

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